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All last year has seen significant growth in property prices, which led to an increase in the number of transactions carried out by means of mortgage loans. Since the beginning of 2007 until the present moment there is some price stabilization, which in turn leads to an increase in supply over demand.

Indeed, wishing to buy real estate today there are plenty to choose from. But too much inflated price per square meter, not only in both capitals, but all over Russia, and income levels are not high enough. Loom two main reasons for unavailability of housing - its transcendental value and low-income population. To solve these problems by force only to the state: an increase in the volume of construction will reduce the cost of the infamous square meters, and competent social policies will promote the growth of incomes.

In turn, banks, helping to address this issue, continue the orderly development of the mortgage, which, according to many experts the market today can be called affordable.

Last few years were a period of qualitative development of the mortgage market. According to experts at 1 January 2007 the volume of mortgage loans to people on the order of 300-350 billion rubles. Moreover, approximately 40% - is Central Federal District, the remaining 60% comes from regions where there is strong growth in the mortgage market.

So what conditions may please the lenders of its customers today, the healthy and active enough to compete?

Main indicators, which are based on the borrowers in choosing a mortgage program, are the amount of the loan term, interest rate, the amount of down payment, currency and the possibility of early maturity.

Maximum loan amount is always depended on the income of the borrower and sozemschika. Most standard programs allow banks to issue loans up to $ 1 million dollars or the equivalent in rubles. At National Mortgage Company willing to lend at 1.5 million, or 45 million rubles, and if the borrower can boast an enviable income, with the individual review of the amount will be increased.

Term lending today is from 1 to 30 years. Recently, banks have no fixed terms of providing choice to the borrower. Above all, the credit is issued on the total number of years and was paid by the borrower until the age of 65 (under the terms of the National Mortgage Company). Is preferable to a loan for 10-15 years. The increase in the loan term of 20-25 years, of course, makes its own advantages, namely an increase in the loan amount, but will be increased and the interest rate.

If we talk about the amount of credit rate, the construction phase it is usually higher - about 11% in dollars and 14% in rubles. The rate is reduced by 1% after the date of housing, registration of ownership of the borrower and the mortgage in favor of the bank. There is a correlation bet on two main parameters: the period for which credit is taken: the shorter term, the lower rate might be, and form confirmation of borrower's income: the best way to confirm their ability to pay remains the reference of the form 2-PIT. Clearly, the more the bank risks in the event of a specific borrower, the greater the interest rate it offers.

Some banks provide loans with no down payment. Of course, it is tempting, when the creditor is not required to make a certain part of the purchase price from their own pockets. But in this case, the borrower has to pay a higher interest rate for credit use, and it is not for everyone. The most reasonable today is an initial contribution of 10-15% of the value of the acquired property. If a customer of the bank is ready to overpower 20-40% of property value - it is to be welcomed. Reducing bank risks, to reward the borrower receives a lower interest rate.

To process the purchase in the currency exchange rate dynamics which is not subject to significant fluctuations. Because exchange rate changes are equally affected by both the borrower's income, and on the final cost of the loan. National Mortgage Company Experts recommend taking a loan in the currency in which the borrower receives a basic income. In this case there is no cost for conversion calculations and monthly payments on the loan.

Absence of restrictions and penalties allow a borrower plans to soon increase their incomes significantly reduce total amount of payment for purchased housing. Banks, the leading flexible credit policy, go to meet our customers and offer the possibility of early repayment. Thus, customers of the National Mortgage Company may be partially or fully repay your loan without any commissions have been from the first month of credit.

Question buying a home remains one of the most important or, as they say today, the priority issues. In an unstable situation in the real estate market bright dreams of acquiring a desirable apartment, so to speak, on its own pass into the rank of "unfulfilled." As a result, the mortgage is the only real way to acquire their own housing.

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