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About mortgage

All last year has seen significant growth in property prices, which led to an increase in the number of transactions carried out by means of mortgage loans. Since the beginning of 2007 until the present moment there is some stabilization of the ... Read more >>>


Mortgage Insurance: news disbursements

Comprehensive insurance - an essential attribute of a mortgage loan. On which already accumulated, though not very extensive, but telling statistics of payments. Have been formed and terms of insurance claims, and practice behavior of insurers. Analyze the available information ... Read more >>>


Country real estate mortgage

In the real estate market is an increase in the number of mortgage deals out of town over the previous year. However, the number of loans compared with Moscow real estate below ... Read more >>>


Features of the mortgage for a long term

Recently, experts note that the number of applications for mortgage loans decreased significantly, and connect this fact with the level of housing prices. If the option to calculate a mortgage purchase a studio apartment ... Read more >>>


Importance of insurance for mortgages

Legislatively mandatory life and health insurance the borrower applying for a mortgage, canceled about a year ago. When drafting the bill MPs would adhere to that pledge of an apartment and so is sufficient collateral for the loan, so ... Read more >>>


Mortgage payments Algorithm

To use the mortgage, not necessarily become dokoy in financial matters. But the understanding of how banks pay interest and form the loan repayment schedule can be very useful for the potential borrower ... Read more >>>


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