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For many people, mortgage is the most convenient way to purchase real estate property on credit as it enables to reduce cost loading in many ways. However, when purchasing your premises on mortgage you should remember that there are strict timeframes for each procedure indicated in a strict mortgage scheme. Therefore, if you do not receive the qualified real estate broker's assistance there is major possibility that you get too busy collecting and preparing all documents required for mortgage processing and will not get everything done in time. That is why those who plan purchasing an apartment on mortgage should better make use of services provided by experienced specialists.

Preliminary application for a mortgage

You can make use of this preliminary request on mortgage loan obtaining, and we will assist you to preliminary assess possibilities of obtaining such loan and to estimate the amount of loan for you to purchase an apartment or a country house.

Mortgage Calculator

With the help of this flexible simple mortgage calculator you can preliminary calculate your monthly loan payments.

We have the necessary knowledge and experience in such issues so that we can help you to improve your living conditions suggesting the plan of actions followed by the clients of our real estate agency who decide to purchase apartments by means of housing mortgage lending.

The table of partner banks presented below will help you to preliminary review the main mortgage loan rates and to perform your own comparative analysis of actual mortgage loans provided by creditor banks.
Bank Terms and conditions
Interest rate Currency Timeframe Amount of loan Initial payment
Alpha-bank from 10%USD/Euro/Rub5-25 years from 30%
Bank of Moscow from 9,75%USD/Euro/Rub/etc.3-30 yearsfrom 490 000 Rubfrom 15%
Vozrozhdenie Bank from 11,5%USD/Euro/Rub3-10 yearsto 5 000 000 Rubfrom 20%
BNP Paribas from 13%USD/Rub/Euroto 20 yearsindividually30%
VTB-24 from 9,1%USD/Euro/Rubto 50 yearsfrom 10 000$from 20%
Gorodskoi Ipotechny Bank (City Mortgage Bank) from 9,35%USD/Rub1-25 yearsto 1 000 000$30%
Delta Credit from 9,2%USD7-25 yearsto 600 000$from 20%
Credit Bank of Moscow from 9%USD/Euro/Rubto 10 years500 000$from 20%
Moskommertsbank from 10,8%USD/Rub5-30 years1 000 000$from 10%
Raiffeisen from 10,5%Rub1-20 years26 000 000 Rubfrom 15%
RosEvroBank from 11%USD/Rub5-25 years1 000 000$from 15%
Sberbank from 9%USD/Euro/Rubto 30 yearsindividually20%
Banque Societe Generale Vostok from 10,5%USD/Euro/Rub1-25 yearsno limitations20%
Uralsib 16%USD/Euro/Rubto 30 yearsto 500 000$from 30%


Most interesting mortgage program

Mortgage program DeltaStandart (Delta Credit)

Credit pretostavlyaetsya in U.S. dollars to buy an apartment in a building located in the cities where the bank branches Delta Credit, as well as for the main residence as additional accommodation or for rent on the secondary market - annual housing with a registered right of ownership. The interest rate is fixed. Prepayment may be just one year after obtaining a loan. For borrowers, proof of income in the form of the bank, the interest rate higher by 1%.
The initial contribution
(% of the purchase price)
7 years10 years15 years20 years25 years
from 25 % to 35 %9,50 %9,75 %10,00 %10,25 %10,50 %
from 30% to 50%9,25 %9,50 %9,75 %10,00 %10,25 %
more 50%9,00 %9,25 %9,50 %9,75 %10,00 %

Mortgage program Young family (Sberbank)

Credit pretostavlyaetsya family in which at least one spouse is younger than 35 years, as well as incomplete families (families with one parent and child or children) in which the mother / father is younger than 35 years. Purpose - Acquisition and construction of real estate on the territory of Russia. Fee for credit will not be charged. Down payment - from 15% of the value of the property for families with children and 20% of the value of the property for families without children. The interest rate is fixed from 10,5% to 16% in Rublyah and from 8,8% to 14% in foreign currency (euro or tollary USA). The interest rate depends on the size of down payment, loan period. An interesting program enable small down payment.

Mortgage loan for the purchase of apartments in the Moscow region on the secondary market (Moscow Credit Bank).

Interesting mortgage program with an attractive rate of 9% in gotovyh tollarah dollars and euros and 10% in gotovyh Rublyah. Loan amount to 30 million Rubley, min. Down payment - 20% of the value of real estate. Of the minuses loan term to 15 years and the fee for maintenance of credit from 9000 to 18,000 Rubley. From plus - free application review may tosrochnoe repayment from the first month without penalty. Also flexible requirement to the Borrower and its tohodam

Mortgage for citizens from 18 to 65 years. The presence of a stable source of repayment kredita.Postoyannaya registration borrower - Russian Federatsiya.Rassmatrivayutsya tohoda all sources, including An alternative form of podtverzhdeniya.Pri calculating the amount of mortgage loan can be taken into account the cumulative tohod suprugov.Individualny approach to validate tohotov entrepreneurs and business owners.

Mortgage program - "Refinancing" (Banque Societe Generale Vostok).

This program is designed to refinance mortgage previously pretostavlennogo etcugim bank or other lending institution for the purpose of improving housing conditions, subject to confirmation of the target of the original mortgage loan. Term of loan to 25 years, rates of 16,75% to 18,25% in Rublyah from 11,5% to 12,75% in tollarah U.S. 13,5% in Euros. Minimum pretostavlyaemye amount - 25 000 toll. Dollar / Euro or 750 000 Rubley, the maximum to 1 million toll. Dollars / euros or 30 million Rubley. Banque Societe Generale Vostok pretostavlyaet no more than 70% of the value of the property located in the pledge. There is a commission 1,5% of the loan amount but not more than 80 000 Rubley.

Bank takes an individual approach to client kazhtomu:

  • take into account the cumulative tohod family;
  • permanent registration and Russian citizenship is not required;
  • with free tosrochnogo loan installments or in full at the end of 6-month period from the date of the loan;
  • automatic debit to repay the loan from your current account: in this case you tostatochno ensure that the required amount in the account to date of payment;
  • consideration of the application within 5-7 days after pretostavleniya to the Bank the full package tokumentov;
  • help in insuring and its signature in the Bank;
  • rapid removal of encumbrances from the object of pledge, after the full repayment of the loan with Bank staff.


Loan Program for the purchase of residential toma, cottage, townhouse. (Bank of Moscow)

Main conditions of the loan
Targeted use of creditAcquisition of residential toma (cottage, townhouse) in the secondary real estate market
Interest Ratesfrom 9.75% in foreign currency, from 14.20% in Rublyah Russia
Downpaymentof 15% of the appraised value toma (cottage, townhouse), acquired through a mortgage
Currency LoanRubli RF tollary U.S., Euro
term lendingfrom 3 to 30 years (a term that is a multiple of 12 months.)
Loan AmountMoscow regionfrom 490 000 Rubley RF (equivalent to the rate of the Bank of Russia foreign currency loan the date of application to the Bank)
Branchesfrom 170 000 Rubley RF (equivalent to the rate of the Bank of Russia foreign currency loan at the date of application to the Bank)
Provision for loandeposit purchased residential toma (cottage, townhouse)

Credit programama for restructuring zatolzhennosti on housing loans (Sberbank)

Objectiveredemption payments previously received on the Housing Bank loans are not appropriate standards of "The Agency for Restructuring of mortgage housing loans".
Where can I getLocally pretostavleniya current housing loan.
Who can get aBorrower of the Bank, lost place of work (part tohoda) and having zatolzhennost on housing loans is not the appropriate standard of "ARIZHK".
calculation of solvencytohod at the principal place of work (by a certificate form 2-PIT), topolnitelnye types tohotov (calculation of solvency is only pretostavlenii loan excess of 300 000 Rubley).
AmountCredit pretostavlyaetsya in the amount necessary to cover:
  • current overdue zatolzhennosti on housing loans (by principal tolgu and interest for the use of credit) for the period to 60 days;
  • penalty assessed for late repayment of housing loans;
  • payments on housing loans, coming to pay to the Bank within 12 months following the date of the loan;
  • insurance premium payable by the Borrower togovoram insurance.
Timenot exceed the period remaining to complete repayment of restructured housing loans.
CurrencyRubli Russia.
delay in paymentsOnly basic tolgu for the term to 12 months.
Providingloan is made to ensure identical provision on housing loans. When the balance of loan zatolzhennosti on housing loans of over one million Rubley:
  • on housing loans and credit "Confidence" is made a pledge (subsequent pledge) credited the property;
  • credited for the construction period of the property on housing loans and credit "Confidence" is made bail (subsequent pledge) on human togovoram participation in the construction tolevom credited property;
  • without the possibility of registration of the mortgage (the subsequent mortgage) and collateral (the subsequent collateral) rights to participate in togovoram tolevom construction credited the property is required for security registration (subsequent pledge of) any other property or pledge (subsequent pledge) liquid assets.
InsuranceCompulsory pledge assets from the risks of loss / death, damage to the Bank for the duration of the loan togovora.
Commission for the issuance of creditabsent.
AmountCredit pretostavlyaetsya in the amount necessary to cover:
  • current overdue zatolzhennosti on housing loans (by principal tolgu and interest for the use of credit) for the period to 60 days;
  • penalty assessed for late repayment of housing loans;
  • payments on housing loans, coming to pay to the Bank within 12 months following the date of the loan;
  • insurance premium payable by the Borrower togovoram insurance.
rateset at the interest rate on home loan restructured.

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