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Happy New 2013 Year! We wish you all happiness, good mood, conquering new peaks in the new financial year! Let wisdom and harmony will always be there, and the old dreams become real features!



The Russian State Duma finally adopted in the first reading amendments to the law "On privatization of the housing stock in the Russian Federation", which allow privatize apartments without the consent of all tenants



Chic offers a club village ponds Net - 2. By Yaroslavsky highway only 17 km from Moscow. Cottages and taunhasy fully prepared. Communication central. The village is populated. Unique forest.



Moscow traffic jams defeated Mayor Sobyanin. This follows from statements by the mayor of Moscow: "We have no problem to plug away, and to give to people as soon as possible comfortably to reach your destination"



Unified real estate tax will be introduced, but only after the presidential elections in Russia. The experiment will start for the 12 regions Rossii.Nalog will be levied on the cadastral value of real estate.



Rare exclusive offer: In prodezhe land on the shore of the reservoir at a point Vauzskogo elite site (Shchekoldin) to the best of the peninsula. 150,000 sq.m. in the property at below market prices.



Putin accountable for government actions: Oil will be replaced by business activity, the second wave of crisis such as how to avoid, from social obligations and the Government will not abandon the situation in the country is different.



Unbelievable but true: To see the apartment in a residential complex golden key is required to pay $ 30. With such marasmus faced employees Stone Belt Real Estate (Kamp Group)



Free! Legalize the ownership of apartments in new buildings. The end result is guaranteed. You can learn more by phone. (495) 665 - 7777. Leading Lawyer - Alexey V. Stepanov.



Garage for the people will be more expensive in 2011. Deputy Mayor for urban policy and the construction of Marat Khusnullin clearly said - 350 000 rubles ($ 13,000) per seat is the starting price.



On sale came a very interesting apartment near metro Krasnoselskaya. The territory is fenced, well equipped apartment, two separate rooms, 7 floor 8 floor building.



Because of Portugal Euro again expects a fall. It seems that Government measures to reduce unemployment, increase the tax burden and transportation tariffs will not be saved.



Sberbank of Russia from March 21, lowered the rates on all deposits on 1,75-2%, the maximum rate dropped from 8,5% to 6,0%. Compete at the rate of deposits Savings Bank does not intend to, but the proportion of 48% of the total banking market remain.



Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin appoints new deputy head of transport and development of road transport infrastructure. This does not touches the untouchable ideology of the new transport solutions Nicholas Lyamov.



In the new "Moscow City Law on Administrative Offences " will be introduced fines of up to 30,000 rubles for unauthorized alterations to the common areas in apartment buildings.



Review of staff of Ministry of Interior to reduce corruption. To finally become a police officer some employees of this department has had to temporarily abandon the levy exactions on the roads, and other service benefits.



Construction of new housing in the central administrative district of Moscow may be limited. Initiated projects will continue, demolition and reconstruction of the old stock and will not change.



At a government meeting in Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said the advantage of the device to work the citizens of Moscow region. According to the Mayor to restrict the employment of migrants in Moscow.



Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin named 13 new metro stations. Also the head of the capital said that the need to open each year for five new subway stations.



In Moscow, three months of 2011 will be put into operation a little over 650,000 square meters. m. of housing. Under the plan year must be put into operation not less than 3 million square meters



Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin soon pay particular attention to the program of demolition of five-story building in the capital. To this end, organized a special meeting on the need to allocate funds for this program.



Fourth transport ring in Moscow will no longer be built. This decision was made Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin. Money for the construction of a new transport interchange is not there.



Exclusive offer: Sell Two-level 3 bedroom apartment in the center of the metro Chistye prudy, an area of 91 sq.m. in a brick house built in 1985, 20 million rubles ( $ 665 000). Ownership of more than 3 years.



Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin had planned rearrangement of heads management in the North - Vostochnomv administrative district. Seven new officials signed a contract for one year.



In Egypt, about 30,000 Russians have bought into the ownership of apartments, villas, rooms in hotels. Possible resignation of Hosni Mubarak could lead to the redistribution of property. Egypt could lose the investment attractiveness.



Russian President Dmitry Medvedev abolished the transition time in Russia. Now the clock on the "winter" time in fall 2011 are no longer needed.



Moscow is expanding its borders. In the South East will be built at the Moscow district 500000 sq.m. housing. The Government of Moscow Region Moscow transferred 500 hectares of its territory.



Sberbank is selling its retail assets. After the sale, it was the turn Mosmart retail chain Vester. This 110,000 sq. m. commercial real estate and 50 hypermarkets. It seems the banks have decided not to invest in retail.



Senate limits the RF fractional ownership of apartments. Amendments to the Housing Code, which set the minimum share of the ownership of the dwelling, depending on its total area.



According to the Russian Central Bank, inflation risks in the country are still on protyahzhenii first half of 2011. Active growth in prices in late, and especially at the beginning of this year, is proof.



By the end of 2010 property prices in Bulgaria decreased by 10,1%. Average price of 1 square meter was 964 leva (493 euros). These are the data from the National Statistics Institute in Bulgaria.



Terrorist attack in Domodedovo. Officially announced only one explosion. Killed at least 30 people and injured at least 170 people. For information about the incident from official and unofficial sources yet different.



In the five years in Moscow Sokolniki district on 3 Rybinsk street could be built a residential complex of 40 thousand square meters.



From July 2011 is expected the new minimum wage of about 11,000 rubles ($ 400). Expected to increase deductions from the wages of the various funds of up to 50%.



On sale cheap 3-bedroom apartment only costs 6.2 million rubles. The apartment is located in a quiet green area, a 7-minute walk from the subway Vykhino. Buy an apartment can be on the mortgage - property for 12 years.



In the city of Moscow in the western administrative district under the program of reconstruction of old housing will eliminate 311 buildings with a total area of 1.14 million sq. ..



Russia`s largest insurance company Rosgosstrakh creates a credit organization. Maintenance of the population will engage in Rus-Bank. The new financial institution will be the second largest after the Savings Bank of Russia.



Today, the president of Russia once again unhappy with the fight against corruption. In this connection, is preparing a new package of documents, laws "to deal with this ineradicable phenomenon. Now the corrupt face a heavy fine and possible imprisonment.



The new pyramid MMM of Sergey Mavrodi can revive later this year. Mavrodi plans to build a new financial illiterates large portion of the money. And chances are he has. In Russia, a lot of fools and money.



Because of problems with electricity in the Moscow region is expected to shift power. Governor Boris Gromov has to leave his post. First, in Moscow, Luzhkov`s resignation. It is now possible Gromov go into honorable retirement.



Happy New Year 2011! Suppose that for each of this year will be a fluffy and white rabbit



Russia`s rating in the past year: the Global Competitiveness - 51 th place, the convenience of doing business - 123rd place, corruption - 154 th place. But the budget deficit, external debt levels and an unemployment rate of progress.



A draft layout of the plant site Kaloshina (Eastern District of Moscow). Planned to be built from 90 thousand to 120 thousand square meters. m of office and warehouse. Perhaps there will be revived and Cherkizovsky market.



The program "People`s Garage" has failed. How to set the Court of Auditors at the end of 2010 built only 1,6% of the planned garage. What do they think about it, Moscow authorities are unknown. Will the funding for this unnecessary programs?



The deal between Inteko and Premier Estate at USD 400 million may be considered illegal. Initiated a criminal case on illegal issuance of credit by the Bank of Moscow JSC Premier Estate, which bought out Baturina 58 hectares of land in Moscow.



In Moscow, continuing "change the terms of seats - Mayor Sergei Sobyanin made regular staffing solutions. At this time changed the deputy prefect of the North Western and Eastern Districts of Moscow.



The economic crisis has forced the emirate of Dubai, has a debt of 110 billion dollars, to sell real estate and companies, including Emirates Airlines on the vine. Property prices in the UAE can be reduced.


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