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Alexander2008-04-15MoscowConsultation realtor
Can you help with the registration of the contract of sale flats. And for Katie deadlines?
Serhiy Shevchuk2008-04-15 
Needless to say we have such a service. But the deadlines for registration in the Office of the Federal Registration Service for Moscow since 2008, unfortunately only 1 month. Though there are loopholes rapid order, but very expensive. Realtors across Moscow are looking forward to changing the dates of issuance of registration. In Moscow all a lot easier, there is even a 3-day period of receipt of registered contracts - selling apartments. Refer to our office - we will help.

Olga2008-02-15MoscowConsultation realtor
Hello Apartment: Beskudnikovo district, two-bedroom in the new house P-44-T, 15 floor, 78 sq.m., kitchen, 13 rooms: 11,1, 13,8, 18,5. Prescribed for 4 persons. I, my husband and son and my brother. Can I exchange the apartment at no extra charge, for 2 and one-bedroom apartments. And that 2-bedroom apartment was also in the new house in the same area, and one-bedroom apartment can be in the near suburbs. Is such a deal? Thank you for your reply.
Parfenov Michael2008-02-19 
Dear Olga! Such a transaction is certainly possible. The only necessary note that now, with the boom in prices in the market estate, it is better to postpone such a transaction. For more information you consult our experts. Call us, we are very happy.

Julia Berina2008-02-07g.Bohum, GermanyConsultation realtor
Good day! Help, please, get a sample power of attorney to sell the apartment and to conduct all necessary actions associated with this transaction. Seller lives in Germany and wants to give a power of attorney to his mother and did not travel to Russia.
Alexei Stepanov2008-02-11 
Dear Julia! Letter of attorney, you need is on our website, see background information, samples of notarial documents. The only thing that needs to be corrected in your case is your signature instead of a notary certifies the consul at the Russian Embassy in Germany. Thank you.

Marina2008-02-04MoscowConsultation lawyer
Can the person prescribed by the municipal kvarire, which defines the 2 other persons: 1 to change the layout? 2 sue the forced exchange? 3 outlines a husband / wife, children without the consent of the neighbors? 4 to share the financial and personal account without the consent of the neighbors? 2 prescribe
Alexei Stepanov2008-02-07 
Dear Marina! In the same way we answer: 1. Man, those set forth in council flat has the right to change the plan only with the consent "City" and with the necessary consent of all in the apartment adult citizens. 2. Sue the forced exchange (Article 71 of the Housing Code) has the right to every adult citizen who resides in Municipal Court kvartire.Dobitsya through real exchange is easy. For this to be met so many conditions. 3. Prescribe a husband / wife without the consent of the other adult citizens impossible. For registration as newborns anyone's consent is not required. 4. Sharing of financial and personal account (change the social tenancy agreement) to the new LCD is theoretically possible only through the courts. But while this is how we know, yet nobody has been able, since, unlike the "old" Housing Code, the new residents of the right of municipal apartments are not given.

Svetlana2008-01-29MoscowConsultation lawyer
Hello, tell me please if I will soon take 65% of the housing mortgage, and after some time get ready to give birth, I will be some reduction of the loan. I'm 29 years old, izhdeventsev not.
Alexei Stepanov2008-02-11 
Dear Svetlana! The loan amount, interest on loan repayment terms are determined by the credit agreement. If loan agreement will not be separately stated, that at birth terms of the contract as a change (on this practice I personally do unknown), then accordingly rely on such reduction is not accounts. You can count on 250000 "presidential" rubles three years after birth, which can taken to maturity credit.

Oksana2008-01-14PodolskConsultation realtor
a housing cheaper to buy, if the income of our family is 30 rubles in mesyats.na secondary market or new buildings, and maybe even a small house in the area without internal decoration?
Lesnik Natalia2008-01-17 
With this income is currently rely on an apartment in Moscow unfortunately impossible. The variance value of the secondary and primary real estate market is currently small. Yes, and take credit for the new building is not so easy. Not all objects are newly accredited to the creditor banks. But still something of a residential course in the distant suburbs to get under your s / n can be. Take advantage of our site universal mortgage calculator to determine the maximum possible credit for the maximum possible time. You will see the maximum amount. And focusing on that amount can be determined where and what property is possible on these funds.

Oksana2008-01-14PodolskConsultation mortgage
We have a young family, which is not registered in Moscow and Moscow region really is whether to buy an apartment on the mortgage?
Becker Stella2008-01-17 
Very large values of where you are registered at this time. Any citizen of Russia, regardless of place of residence can obtain a mortgage loan. It all depends on your possibilities.

Sergey2008-01-12MoscowConsultation realtor
Hello Can I take a mortgage without bail, without reference 2NDFL
Lesnik Natalia2008-01-16 
Of course you can! It is only necessary to select the appropriate bank lender. In Moscow banks working on mortgage programs without bail and to provide information 2NDFL (high r / n) a few dozen. The nuance here is one more - the more opportunities to you in providing the necessary and relevant "documents to provide additional capabilities. guarantees in the form of sponsorship, the less and the interest rate on a mortgage. More information about banks without bail and certificates 2NDFL please contact us.

Svetlana2007-12-24OrelConsultation lawyer
I'm divorcing my husband, spelled with a common child in his non-privatized kvartire.Hochu discharged, and leave the child spelled out in the apartment, with the consent of ottsa.Mogut whether his relatives, stated in the apartment to write my child without permission?
Alexei Stepanov2007-12-25 
Dear Svetlana! No relatives were not able to write your already prescribed by the child from the apartment. 100% can not worry. Thank you.

Svetlana2007-12-18Chuvash Republic, ChebokConsultation lawyer
We want to move to Ramenskoye, in a new (two-room, no less than 60 square meters). What documents must be collected to obtain permission to sell the apartment from the bodies of trusteeship in Cheboksary, if the child is 6 years old is entitled to 1 / 6 share, in dvuhkomn.kv. 58,5 sq.m.
Alexei Stepanov2007-12-19 
Dear Svetlana! For bodies of trusteeship must submit the following Documents: 1. The documents of title to the apartment (in the original with kserkopiyami or notarized copies); 2. Copies of the floor plan and the explication of the apartment; 3. Help BTI on the value (not always required); 4. Extract from the house (if in an apartment someone is registered, the authorities guardianship may be asked to submit a statement from them with the obligation of release of an apartment after its sale); 5. A copy of the financial and personal account. With the purchase of new buildings under construction is better consult your custody, because not all agencies provide care permission for sale on property registration buildings. More information on tel. 238-63-77

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