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Welcome to the bulletin board about the property. On our bulletin board does not require any registration. You are free to place your ad on the bulletin board a commercial or residential property. To do this, select provided above, the desired message board. Click on the link to a form of advertisement, carefully fill in and click send. By publishing ads are not permitted, the content of which violates the laws of the Russian Federation. The management reserves the right to delete free ads submitted through the site, without prior notification and explanation. The management reserves the right to edit ads. The shelf board from 30 to 60 days. If you wish to delete your ad, send us a letter to the address info@kamp.ru. In no event shall the site administration is not liable for damages, losses or expenses arising in connection with this site, its use or loss of use. By posting information on our site, you agree to the above terms and assume the rights therein and responsibilities associated with the use of the site.

Our site is growing daily. The number of visitors is growing every day. By placing your ad, we hope that you will reach your goal: rent, lease office, warehouse, any form of commercial real estate, as well as buy, sell an apartment, any other residential real estate.

Section commercial real estate in the bulletin board is not only a bulletin board. This is the most natural, the real base of commercial real estate. And mostly from property owners, as well as actual customers to search from organizations and individuals to offices, warehouses, shops, any premises of commercial real estate. Ads marked "send request" - this is absolutely proven real-world objects, as well as physical. and jur. persons wishing to rent, lease, buy, sell commercial properties. These messages are received either by phone or by e-mail orders and proposals of our company. After preliminary examination, we are putting them in a bulletin board on commercial real estate. To get in touch with this ad, you can either call the phone listed on it, or "send request" in the appropriate box. The site operates search engine for commercial real estate ad sections - PULL, DEAL, buy and sell. Enable search ads, and depending on who you are - a potential tenant or landlord, buyer or seller - you quickly find the right application or proposal. You can also go to the website commercial real estate of our company.

We also really interesting to know your opinion about our service, all your comments, suggestions or ideas for development. Write to us at info@kamp.ru

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