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Bank Renaissance

Loan amount - from 0,3 to 5,0 million rubles. - Term loan - in rubles from 3 to 10 years, interest rates - in rubles from the 18.5% APR The initial contribution,% of the cost of housing - from 30% to 70% Commission - 1,5%


Special Conditions

Subject of mortgage may address existing housing (apartment or house). In this case, mortgage credit is available at 100% of the cost of purchased housing, but not more than 80% of the value of the pledged housing.

Existing housing can be owned by a third person, not necessarily members of the borrower. The amount of income the borrower (co-borrowers), is certified in the form of the Bank, should not exceed 50% of the total dohodazaemschika (co-borrowers).


Terms of Lending:

Mandatory requirements for borrowers and co-borrower:

  • minimum age of 18 years, the borrower;
  • maximum age of the borrower at the time of the loan: Male - 60 years Woman - 55 years;
  • maximum age of the borrower at the time of execution of obligations under the loan agreement is not more than 65 years. If the income of the borrower / co-borrower, taking into account when calculating the ratio of payment / income is less than 20% of total income, the age limit at the time of the loan for the borrower does not apply.
  • Permanent or temporary registration in Russia;
  • period of last at least 6 months.

Redemption of the loan and interest

Equal monthly annuity payments in the repayment of the loan and interest. Payment is made not later than the last day of the month.


Partial or complete, from the 7 th month of the loan, without penalty, the minimum amortization amount not less than 10 000 Russian rubles or the equivalent in foreign currency.

Valuation pledge lodging

Assessment is carried out in the company, an accredited bank.


Life and health of the borrower (s); pledge; risk of loss of property rights (on request of the parties). Insurance is a company accredited by the bank.

Additional charges Bank

If you want the client to use related services of the bank (bank cell, conversion, credit, etc.) are charged commissions in accordance with the approved tariffs.


For organizing and tracking loan: 2,0% of the loan amount (not subject to VAT)

More commissions in the process of servicing mortgage loan

Commission for issuing certificates to provide to the tax authorities - 200 rubles. (Including VAT);
Fee for full prepayment of the loan before the end of the moratorium - 2% of the amount contributed by the early payment;
Commission for recalculation of the annuity - 10 000 rub.;
Fee for the paperwork to replace the collateral (existing housing) - 15 000 rub. (Including VAT).


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