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Purpose of loan:The acquisition, construction, reconstruction and repair / finish of the property on the territory of Russia. Where can I find:In place of registration of the Borrower / a co-borrower on the location of a company (the client of the Bank) - Borrower's employer or a co-borrower (subject to mortgages purchased by law or under the property at the location / construction credited property Who can get:A solvent citizen of Russia at the age of 21 years, provided that the period of loan repayment under the contract:

  • with differentiated payments - is prior to the execution of the Borrower 75 years;
  • in annuity payments - limited employable age of the borrower.

Income in the basic place of work (by a certificate of personal income tax form 2 or form of the Bank), additional types of income. The loan of up to 80% of the value of the property or credited the cost of work on its reconstruction, repair (finish) DURATION: Up to 30 years - for loans for acquisition and real estate Currency:Rubles. Interest Rate:12,15-14,75% per annum in rubles depending on the term loan, the size of the initial fee and the categories of borrowers. 9,1-12,1% annual rate in the currency depending on the term loan, the size of down payment and borrower categories Insurance:Compulsory pledge of assets from the risks of loss / death, damage to the Bank for the whole term of the loan agreement.


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10.02.2010 • Наталья Иванова

Реально работающий банк по ипотеке. Кредиты выдаются без проблем. При сделке закладывать деньги необязательно в ячейку Сбербанка, что часто бывает важно.

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