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Delta Credit

Credit is given in U.S. dollars to buy an apartment in a building located in the cities where the bank branches, as well as in other cities across our network of partner banks for principal residence as the additional accommodation or for rent on the secondary market - ready-made shelter with a registered right of ownership. Term 7-25 years, the interest rate - from 9% (depending on the term loan and provided the bank documents on income and the bank's programs) Maximum loan amount: 600 thousand U.S. dollars - in Moscow; Downpayment: 30% of the price when buying an apartment to the main residence or as an additional housing, 50% of the price when buying an apartment to lease Early repayment is possible within a year after receiving the loan.

Terms of insurance: Insurance purchased (for the secondary market) or available (for the primary market) flat against the risks of damage, life insurance and permanent disability of the borrower; insurance loss of property rights to the apartment. The total cost of all three types of insurance varies from 0,6% of the loan amount. If an accident occurs, the insurance company fully repay the loan to the bank.

Unique program - Appoint the bet - you can reduce costs on a mortgage - to reduce the interest rate on the loan at 0.5% or 1%, or reduce the fee for his extradition.


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10.02.2010 • Ирина

Быстро рассмотрели заявку на кредит - на 4-ый день одобрили. Ставку назначили 16 % годовых в рублях(кредит взят на 10 лет, своих денег 30 %). В целом все положительно, без приукрасок

19.02.2009 • Лариса

Ну просто один из единственных, работающих по ипотеке банков.

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