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Credit can be issued at rates of 10% in U.S. dollars and 13% in rubles.

Interest rates: < td>15.0%
Program NameTerm, years Interest rates in U.S. (MOSCOW) Lending Rates in Euro (MOSCOW)
form of income verificationform of income verification
2NDFL2NDFL and help shape the bankBusiness owners 2NDFL2NDFL and help shape the bankBusiness owners
Loan for purchase of flats 5 years10.0%11.0%12.0%13.0%14.0%15.0%
6-10 years10.5%11.5%12.5%13.5%14.5%15.5%
11-15 years11.0%12.0%13.0%14.0%15.0%16.0%
16-20 years11.5%12.5%13.5%14.5%15.5%16.5%
21-25 years12.0%13.0%-16.0%-

Work for you the most relevant mortgage program:
Program Namecurrency loanDownpaymentTerm minimum loan amountmaximum loan amount
Loan for purchase of flatsruble, U.S. dollarof 30%5-25 years with increments in the year 20 000 $ or 500 000 USD.500 000 $ or 15 million USD.
Loan for purchase of residential house (cottage)ruble, U.S. dollar40%5-15 years with increments in the year $ 50 000 or 1 250 000 rubles.500 000 $ or 15 million USD.
Refinance: loan secured by the available apartments for repayment of a mortgage loan to another bank ruble, U.S. dollarLoan amount - up to 60% of the appraised value of the apartment 5-15 years with increments in the year20 000 $ or 500 000 USD.500 000 $ or 15 million USD.

Benefits of mortgage lending in the ALFA-BANK:

  • Short review of the application;
  • Prepayment 3 months without penalty;
  • accounting income of both spouses, "gray" income, as well as additional income;
  • not required sureties;
  • No requirement for continuous registration in the region, purchasing real estate
  • Preferential credit conditions for corporate clients;
  • ability to issue mortgage loans for non-resident citizens and to conduct a transaction of any complexity;
  • wide range of channels maturity: at any time, in any region.


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