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Happy New 2013 Year! We wish you all happiness, good mood, conquering new peaks in the new financial year! Let wisdom and harmony will always be there, and the old dreams become real features!

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Kamp-Travel. Tourism and leisure

Tourist real estate, tourism and leisure

Kamp Travel Company is a subsidiary of our holding company. It provides services in the area of tourist real estate (buying real estate abroad) as well as the whole range of services on travel and leisure organization.

Real estate in Italy

Sale villas, apartments, and housesin South Italian Riviera (Calambria)

Legal department

Free consultations.Courts with regard to divorce proceedings, family and civil rights.

Free search of apartments

Preliminary actual search of apartments and rooms in the office database

All of inheritance

We present the program "Inheritance without worries".
We provide full range of services, from free consultations to turn-key processes implementation.

The Stone Belt Real Estate (Kamp Group) provides the following services:



Services to owners of offices, storehouses, nonresidential premises of any purposes

The Stone Belt Real Estate (Kamp Group) holding company provides the full range of services in the commercial real estate market. We can help you to rent or purchase an office, to rent a storehouse etc. Renting an office or a storehouse is the urgent issue for many young and quick-growing companies. At first sight, it is not difficult to find the premises required. However, a rule of thumb proves that the independent search in bulletin board, newspapers or on the Internet can not provide optimal results in many cases. Specialists from our commercial real estate department will help you professionally to find an office for rent. With the help of our latest information you can solve storehouse renting issue in a very short time. For owners of offices, storehouses, and nonresidential premises of any purpose we provide services in the field of marketing, lease and sale of real estate objects. We can assist you in office lease on the most optimal conditions taking into account the optimal balance between future income and disbursement section on taxation. Due to frequent requests from tenants, the storehouse rent process is completed in a very short time. Our activity on sale of offices, storehouses, and any other commercial real estate nonresidential premises includes assessment of market value of your real estate unit, organization of the efficient advertizing campaign, customer search performance, development of structure and appropriate documentation on purchase and sale, and preparation and registration of agreements. We provide the following services to owners who wish to lease an office, a storehouse or any other commercial real estate nonresidential property: assessment of real estate property, guaranteed selection of tenants, preparation and registration of agreements, professional commercial real estate management. You can receive more detailed information on sale of offices, storehouses, and any other nonresidential commercial real estate property if you visit commercial real estate website.

You can phone us on 665-77-77 to receive the preliminary assessment with regard to sale or lease of an office, lease of a storehouse or any other nonresidential premises as well as to learn the optimal ways to lease an office. You can place your offer for free in Bulletin board on sale and lease of commercial real estate section which is the current original commercial real estate database with simple and convenient system of commercial real estate property search. We have the following sections in our free bulletin board: lease of storehouses, shops, office premises, sale and purchase of commercial real estate of any type, and these are valid not only for Moscow and Moscow region. On our website we created the similar free bulletin board for real estate offers in various regions of Russia and abroad. Offers and requests in these sections are updated on the daily basis, and it enables us to follow the market situation. Moreover, placing your offer in this bulletin board is actually free advertising of your property. Most offers are from owners and actual customers whom you will not find in any other database. Commercial real estate bulletin board is carefully verified on the daily basis to make sure all offers are real.

We work in real estate market for 17 years, and we can provide high quality services to our clients.

Services to owners of residential premises - apartments and rooms sale.

We will not only help you to purchase an apartment but also will solve the issue on sale of an apartment or a room in Moscow and Moscow region with complete professionalism. In our company, we employ individual approach to owners of apartments and rooms and treat them carefully. We can help you to solve any issue with regard to sale of an apartment or a room in Moscow and Moscow region. We perform all required pre-sale activities: inheritance formalization, collection of all documents, repayment of debts, solution of possible issues of legal character; performing such activities is our exclusive right. You can turn to us if you need to sell an apartment or a room on favourable terms. We provide such services on the professional basis. We also provide such service as urgent purchase of apartments and rooms to solve your financial problems. Urgent purchase of apartments is really performed in the shortest timeframe. Here you can request free preliminary assessment of your real estate property. The Stone Belt Real Estate (Kamp Group) performs all types of activities with regard to real estate including resettlement, alternative sale, exchange or just search of apartments and rooms.

We've been providing services on purchase, sale, or exchange of apartments or rooms in Moscow and Moscow region since 1993. Here you can see costs of apartments and rooms in Moscow and Moscow region.

How much does an apartment cost? How can you sell an apartment or a room quickly and profitably? How can you evaluate an apartment? Do you need consultations on mortgage issues? You can make use of our service "Express assessment of an apartment on the phone", just call us on 665-77-77 (multiline). Our specialist will give you the approximate cost of an apartment or a room as well as provide consultations on issues you're interested in with regard to real estate. For sure, these services are free of charge. You can place your apartment or room sale offer for free in our website, Bulletin board on apartments and rooms sale section.

Real estate abroad - Finland, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, and other countries.

You can find the information on real estate purchasing abroad on our website. We specialize mainly in real estate of Italy, Finland, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, and Czech Republic. Our offers on real estate property abroad are actual and updated following sale and purchase of real estate items. We can also offer you selecting an apartment, a house, a villa, or commercial property and any real estate item to make good investments in several countries where we have representatives. We necessarily manage and control the whole process of real estate property acquisition. We guarantee provision of high quality services and individual approach. We are always happy to provide all required consultations with regard to real estate purchase abroad.


Real Estate Appraisal
Here you can estimate costs of an apartment or a room. At that, property assessment will not be just comparative based on similar items sale in your region. If you indicate some differential characteristics (i.e. apartment state after repair, state of an entrance into a building, etc.), our specialists will take these factors into account as they influence the cost of your property. Therefore we do not perform assessments online as such assessments are not quite right.

Real Database Apartments, rooms - response
You can make use of our new service - search in the apartments and rooms database, send request - receive reply. You can fill in the request application form and send it to us to find the best option in this apartments and rooms database. We will select the best options suitable for you from our office database, and we will send the information on these options to you. So, prior to purchasing an apartment you will be familiar with the current prices.

Preliminary Application for probate
You can make use of our program "Inheritance without worries" as well as receive proper consultation with regard to inheritance rights: we can provide the complete list of inheritance documents, timeframe of inheritance formalization, a notary on commencement of inheritance, information on inheritance formalization procedure, services on inheritance documents collection and full process administration along with registration and possible representation in court with regard to the mass of the succession.

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